Plants that Survive Winter in Minnesota 1024 683 Landcraft

Plants that Survive Winter in Minnesota

Have you ever wondered what are the best plants for Minnesota Winters? Here is a quick list of plants that can survive during the hearty winters. Coneflower (Echinacea) Lily of the Valley Winterberries Blue Spruce Wintergreen Boxwood Catmint Pansies Coral Bells (Heuchera) Hostas Winterberries Primrose   Leave your landscape to the professionals at LandCraft CONTACT…

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Pruning in Minneapolis, MN 1024 683 Landcraft

Pruning in Minneapolis, MN

It is that time of year for Pruning in Minneapolis, MN Learn more about what pruning is and the reasons we have to prune to promote health, maintain your landscape appearance and to protect people and your home. Pruning Quick Facts Pruning changes the form and growth of a plant. Pruning can also be considered…

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Our Job ROCKS! 1024 388 Landcraft

Our Job ROCKS!

Landscaping in Minneapolis with LandCraft LandCraft is dedicated to providing you with a design, installation, and garden maintenance plan that is unique to your time and tastes. EXCEPTIONAL URBANSCAPE DESIGN Every outdoor project needs a plan. Let us help you imagine and design your outdoor spaces.       CONTACT LANDCRAFT Landcraft is your local…

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Patio Walkways – Landscape Design 582 1024 Landcraft

Patio Walkways – Landscape Design

  Walkways – Landscape Design in Minneapolis, MN When it comes to adding in walkways to your landscape design, you can get creative! Whether you are connecting spaces around your whole house or just adding in a walkway to your house, make sure you leave it to the professionals at LandCraft landscaping in Minneapolis, MN.…

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Landscaping and Flooding Solutions for your Yard 869 660 Landcraft

Landscaping and Flooding Solutions for your Yard

Backyard Flooding Solutions for Landscaping a Storm-Proof Yard Is your landscaping protecting your yard during thunderstorms and heavy rain? Heavy rainfall can have damaging consequences for your lawn. Find front and backyard flooding solutions in your landscaping design to help prevent damage to your property. If you think the storms have been worse lately, you’re not the…

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Add Resale Value to Your Home with your Landscaping 1024 768 Landcraft

Add Resale Value to Your Home with your Landscaping

Did you know something as simple as landscaping can add value to your home? It’s true. An attractive home with a well-maintained yard is appealing to potential buyers. Outdoor Lighting Outdoor lighting doesn’t only add beauty to your yard, it also creates a sense of safety for homeowners and visitors. A well-lit outdoor area deters…

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When it snows on your Landscaping 1024 683 Landcraft

When it snows on your Landscaping

How snow effects your Landscape Did you know that snow can actually be beneficial to landscape plants? Snow can be a protective layer for your landscape, it insulates your landscape to protect it from the effects of freezing and thawing.  Snow also provides moisture as is melts. But there is a down side.  Just like…

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