SumaGreen - Organic Fertilization

SumaGreen – Organic Fertilization

SumaGreen – Organic Fertilization

Seed it, Grow it, Mow it

No more worrying about the kids playing on the grass after using SumaGreen Turf.  No more worrying that your two year old or pet is eating the grass and the chemicals going into their body from the fertilizer you applied that week.

Get Lush Green Grass, Be Chemical Free

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Benefits of SumaGreen:

  • Less need for water irrigation
  • Deeper and more extensive root system which also helps grass stay rooted in high winds
  • Improves nutrient and water uptake
  • Improves grass growth and lushness of lawn
  • Reduces pest infestations of insects and harmful microbes
  • Increases the effects of beneficial microbes and organisms improve the health of the soil
  • Increases bioactive substances, which are essential for healthy grass growth and development
  • Reduces reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides needs for the grass
  • Improves quality of grass and helps release micronutrients to make them available to your grass
  • Stimulates germination
  • Reduces the amount of toxins in soil associated with harmful organisms


Landcraft Organic Turf Maintenance Program

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Benefits of Applying Organic Fertilizer for Gardens, Trees, Shrubs, New Plantings, Annuals and Turf:

  • Furthers the progress of healthy soil by adding beneficial organic microbes and bacteria.
  • Promotes deeper, stronger root systems for turf making it more drought resistant.
  • Revitalizes and greens established trees and shrubs.
  • Establishes a healthy start to new plantings, providing nutrients for strong root growth.
  • Safe for people, pets, wildlife and environment.


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