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Landscaping and Flooding Solutions for your Yard

Backyard Flooding Solutions for Landscaping a Storm-Proof Yard

Is your landscaping protecting your yard during thunderstorms and heavy rain?

Heavy rainfall can have damaging consequences for your lawn. Find front and backyard flooding solutions in your landscaping design to help prevent damage to your property.

If you think the storms have been worse lately, you’re not the only one imagining it. According to the National Climate Assessment, there’s been a dramatic increase in severe rainfall over the past thirty years. This means less of the steady rain plants love, and more flash floods and hurricanes. As a result, homeowners and builders should focus on making landscapes more resilient to extreme weather.

Minimize damaging soil erosion and manage stormwater runoff.  You will save thousands on property damage when the next deluge hits.

Backyard Flooding Solutions

1. Swales

2. Install a rain garden

3. Use heavier mulch

4. Divert rain spouts

5. Install a green roof

6. Draining driveways

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