Go Green with Your Landscaping 1024 614 Landcraft

Go Green with Your Landscaping

Looking for ways to Go Green with your Landscaping in Minnesota? Organic landscaping and lawn care does not need to be expensive or take a lot of time to maintain.  There are simple ways you can go green right here in Minnesota.  Going green will not only help the environment, it will also benefit our…

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Workbook: Urbanscape Design in Minneapolis, MN 1024 854 Landcraft

Workbook: Urbanscape Design in Minneapolis, MN

Landscape Design in Minneapolis, MN       CONTACT LANDCRAFT Landcraft is your local Minneapolis Urban Landscaping company that can work with your budget and give you options on how to give you the front yard you have been dreaming about.  Contact us to learn more about us and to get a quote on your…

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Summer Container Plantings 1024 940 Landcraft

Summer Container Plantings

Summer Container Plantings Have you thought about adding Container Plantings to your landscape design?  Container Plantings are a great way to add in seasonal plants and colors to your landscaping in Minnesota.  You can mix up the design in your container planter each season and even each year. CONTAINER SIZES Small: 8”-12” ………………………………………….   $100…

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Garden Maintenance in Minneapolis 1024 768 Landcraft

Garden Maintenance in Minneapolis

The importance of Garden Maintenance Who wouldn’t want to have a well-groomed, beautiful garden for your home or business? The perfect outdoor space can create a great first impression or even become an additional outdoor space for you to make use of. Your external grounds should be given the same care and attention as any other part of…

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LandCraft your trusted local Landscaping Professionals 960 838 Landcraft

LandCraft your trusted local Landscaping Professionals

SERVICE YOU CAN COUNT ON. LandCraft is dedicated to providing you with a design, installation, and garden maintenance plan that is unique to your time and tastes. Our first priority is to provide timely service, prompt answers to any of our client’s questions, and listen to our client’s needs. These our the tools for creating…

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Create Your Dream Backyard Oasis‎ with LandCraft 768 1024 Landcraft

Create Your Dream Backyard Oasis‎ with LandCraft

Looking to Entertain in your backyard? We all love to have people over to our homes, especially if we can be outside! How is your backyard landscaping looking?  Are you taking advantage of your backyard space to entertain your family and friends? Or just for you?  Learn how you can turn your backyard into the…

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