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Go Green with Your Landscaping

Looking for ways to Go Green with your Landscaping in Minnesota?

Organic landscaping and lawn care does not need to be expensive or take a lot of time to maintain.  There are simple ways you can go green right here in Minnesota.  Going green will not only help the environment, it will also benefit our future and our health.

Sustainable Landscaping in Minneapolis, MN

We want to get you an attractive environment that is equal with the surrounding climate.  That requires less resources, like fertilizer, pesticides and water. A sustainable landscape should be functional, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, maintainable and especially cost-efficient.

Rain Barrels: Stored rain water from downspouts that can be saved for future use such as irrigation for the landscape/lawn.

Compost Barrel or Pile: Recycled vegetable/fruit peels, food scraps, grass clippings, leaves or decomposing material (paper towels). After the material has decomposed, it will create organic rich soil for your garden, landscape, or flower pots.

Solar Panels: Solar panels are devices that are energy producers, creating electricity from natural sunlight. The best placement for solar panels would be the south-facing side of your home or structure.

Plants with Microclimate Control: The amount of sun, wind, and moisture that hits your home can be controlled with plants. For example, in the Winter the North and North West winds increase; therefore, planting evergreen trees to deflect the winds will greatly help with energy costs. Another example–plant deciduous trees on the South/Southeast side of your home to allow shade in Summer (cooling effect) and allow sun to penetrate through the trees in Winter (heating effect).

Native Plants: find plants adaptable to your area to reduce maintenance and the use of natural resources such as water.

Vegetable/Herb Garden and Fruit Trees: Recently Dr. Josh posted about the benefits of Vegetable Gardens. If you can’t grow a garden, buy your food from a local source such as from your local farmers market.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Insects/Pests: Instead of using herbicides/pesticides such as Roundup and other lawn chemicals, it is best to use natural products that you may have around your house. One example–a mixture of water, dried cayenne and jalapeño peppers (boil and filter) can be used to remove Japanese Beetles.

Natural Fertilizers: Some natural fertilizers to use are decomposed manure and compost. After it has decomposed, till into soil.

Plant Flowers: Planting flowers will help sustain our environment, such as assisting with bee shortage and pollinating fruit trees and other plants.

Source: https://draxe.com/10-ways-to-go-green-with-your-lawn-care/


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