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Inside for the Season – Indoor Plants

Inside for the Season – Indoor Plants

We are going into winter and days are getting darker in Minnesota and we need to pick indoor plants that grow without much sunlight.

This year has already been rough and it is important to not only have our outdoor landscapes to enjoy, but also our indoor plantings! Now more than ever our  bodies need nature and nurture in our surrounding environments.

Below is a list of our favorite Indoor Plants

1. Dracaena

This plant does not require a lot of light, but it does like humidity.

2. Parlor Palm

Parlor Palms, the most popular type of palms grown indoors, are a great option for a space without a lot of sunlight.

3. Snake Plant

Great indoor plant – requires very little light to thrive. They do not like cold weather , do not grow them outdoors past the first frost.

4. Spider Plant

Low light areas. In fact, direct sunlight will cause the leaves to burn.

5. Peace Lily

Peace lilies like a lot of water, but they also like to grow in well-drained soil.


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We like to keep our footprint small and concentrate on urban landscape’s. Revitalizing the soils and introducing some native plants back into the urban setting. Raingardens and dry creek beds are one of our specialties, as well as reusing existing materials.



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