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Home for the Holidays – A Few of our Favorite Things

Home for the Holidays

A Few of our Favorite Things

This year more than any other year we need to spread some holiday cheer to our homes. With more families staying home over the holidays, there is no better time to get into the spirit of the holidays and decorate your outdoor living spaces.

Here are some of our favorite things about decorating your home outdoors for the Holidays

Fraser Fir Garlands on the Porch

Wrap the porch pillars of their farmhouse in the Catskills with Fraser fir garlands—a perfect pairing with green wreaths and festive red bows.



Red and Green Front Porch

Now, here’s a home that incorporates the colors of Christmas in a seamless, beautiful way that doesn’t interrupt their existing decor scheme.




Layered Garland

If they don’t immediately comment on this DIY garland beauty, your guests are sure to comment on the gorgeous aroma that wafts from it. It’s made with an easy-to-source combination of cedar and grapevine twigs.




Swooping Garland

The unpolished look of this green garland adds a rustic touch





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Find more inspirations for your home this holiday season: https://www.countryliving.com/home-design/decorating-ideas/tips/g1541/outdoor-christmas-decorations/?slide=21