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Seasonal Container Planters

Seasonal Container Planters in Minneapolis, MN

It’s getting to be that time of year when all the leaves are off the trees and your flower beds are ready for winter. Container Planters are perfect to add color and seasonal spirit to your home or office.


You can add container planters outdoors on your front steps or porch by picking the right plants and decor that will last outdoors during the cold weather here in Minnesota.


Another great option is adding in design and color inspiration to your window planters.  This is a great example of how your home can look fresh all year long in Minnesota.


Fall is a wonderful time of year to add pumpkins and other plants that thrive in the cold weather before the frost.  By adding in different textures you can see how they all come together for the picture perfect fall container planter design.


By adding in twinkle lights brings out the texture of the container planter.  Perfect for the fall and winter that will light up your house inside or outside.  Your choice!




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