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Tree Trust

Planting Trees in Minneapolis, MN

LandCraft joined Tree Trust to support planting trees in North Minneapolis, MN.  Learn more about Tree Trust and contact LandCraft for a greener Minneapolis.

It was another great day planting #trees in North Minneapolis! 104 trees found their forever homes at 65 properties.

Thanks to LandCraft  — at Folwell Park.

Tree Trust Story

By merging lives and landscapes, our programs…

* provide meaningful opportunities for greening our local community
* give youth the chance to experience success, boost their self-confidence and find positive direction
* teach practical job skills to help adults reshape their lives
* help neighbors understand and connect with each other and the natural world

Tree Trust Makes a Difference

Tree Trust improves the community environment by investing in people. Learn more by watching this short video.

Learn more about Tree Trust on their website:


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