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How to Reduce Traffic Noise in Your Backyard

How to Reduce Traffic Noise in Your Backyard

Updated on August 26th, 2019
Excessive noise levels are unpleasant, to say the least, especially in your backyard. Your outside space should be a peaceful oasis where you and your family can unwind and enjoy the outdoors. However, whether it’s traffic noise, construction, lawn mowers, or neighborhood kids playing in the street, bothersome sounds can find their way into your home.

Take these steps to reduce outside noise and enjoy your backyard space with a renewed sense of calm.

1. Minimize Traffic Noise with Walls and Fencing

Building a wall or a tall fence is one of the most effective ways to stop sound from making its way into your backyard.

2. Add Vegetation to Absorb Sound

Hedges, shrubs, trees, and plants can go a long way in both absorbing and deflecting incoming sound. They are also the more aesthetically pleasing and affordable option. Of course, combining vegetation with a tall fence or wall is the most effective method for maximum noise reduction.

3. Design Your Landscape for Noise Abatement 

It’s not always possible to build a fence or wall. If you’re unable to consider these as options, perhaps you can think about digging downwards. Hiring a landscaper to sink your outdoor spaces lower than the rest of your property can be just as effective in blocking traffic noise as building a wall. While creating height, a sunken area has the additional benefit of sound-abating soil.

4. Create Desirable Sounds

Keep in mind that not all noise is bad. If your sound barrier isn’t doing enough, consider adding in desirable sounds. While this doesn’t reduce the noise levels in your yard, it does help to drown out the less appealing ones.

Carefully placed water features can help transform your space into your own personal haven. The sound of water creates a pleasing white noise that is also soothing and peaceful. The water feature doesn’t need to be large to be effective. However, consider placing a fountain in an outdoor seating area, as it needs to be close to the listener for maximum impact.

You can also use music to divert attention away from traffic noise. Installing outdoor rock speakers is a great option. They camouflage into your garden and are also fantastic for entertaining. If having the speakers blend into your space isn’t a priority, there are a wide variety of other backyard speaker options on the market.

5. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

A sound barrier doesn’t just physically reduce traffic noise, it also tricks the mind into thinking your backyard is quieter. Blocking the road from your line of sight helps to reduce perceived noise levels and make for a more inviting backyard refuge.


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