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Wanna know some secrets to a weedless Garden?

Is it possible to have a weed free garden? YES!

Stop Tilling
Lots of the weeding problems faced by gardeners are from overworking the soil.

Mulch, Mulch And More Mulch In The Garden
Mulching the garden the right way is one of the easiest and most effective methods for creating a weedless, healthy garden.

Stop Hoeing And Turning Garden Soil & Mulch
We have already talked about the issues of tilling when it comes to weeds. But what many gardeners don’t realize is that hoeing and disturbing the soil is also a huge factor in creating more weeds as well.

The Every Day Approach To Gardening – A Little Goes A Long Way
Finally, if you truly want a weed-free or nearly weedless garden, a consistent approach is a must. And it doesn’t need to be hours upon hours of everyday work.

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