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How to drown out city noises in your Landscaping Design

Yard Noise?  City Noise?

Learn about different ways on how to drown out city noises in your landscaping design.


Add a Pond, Stream or Water Feature

By adding a pond, stream or water feature to your landscaping design is not only relaxing, but it also helps with drowning out those city noises.  Whether you have a noisy neighbor or live on a busy street having water flow constantly is a wonderful natural way to distract you from those city noises.


Add a Fence

One of the most obvious ways to drown out noise from the street or neighbors is by adding in a fence to your landscape design.  You will want to build a fence that is tall enough to block out noise while still being aesthetically pleasing.


Add a Tree Line

Out of sight, out of mind.  By adding in trees to your landscaping design, you can visually take out the street, thus taking out the thought of drive by traffic. When you block the view of the noise’s source, it will always make a property more comfortable.



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