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Engage your Senses, Design a Scented Garden in your Urbanscape

Close your eyes and smell much more than the Roses

When we saw these ideas for a scented garden and we cannot help but be inspired and share with you.

Design your custom scent garden in Minneapolis, MN. Customize a few fragrant plants into an existing garden or near a favorite bench or walking path.

1. Perfumed Rose Garden

Everyone loves roses, right? Most fragrant roses share similar smells, but each variety has does have its own distinct notes, such as of spices, fruit, or other flowers. But, not all roses smell. Some roses have been specifically bred for their appearance.

Roses come in a variety of colors to mix and match in your garden design.

2. Scented Night Garden – Moon Garden

Some flowers smell sweeter in the morning and others bloom only at night.

Enjoy watching the sunset from your patio and plant a few fragrant night-blooming flowers. A moon garden is centered around a seating area, whether that’s an existing patio or maybe a bench or swing.

3. Fragrant Relaxation Garden

There is nothing better than relaxing in your favorite spot outdoors. Customize your garden with plants that give off a pleasant, calming fragrance.

Chamomile, roses, and some scented geraniums offer relaxing fragrances. Our favorite, lavender fits perfect over the edges of a walkway. Lavender fills the air with its sweet scent when rustled by passengers.

4. Seasonal Scent Garden

Just as you would design a plan for your garden to be visually pleasing in every season, you can plant accordingly for fragrance.

During the regular growing season, fragrant flowers include dianthus, phlox, meadowsweet, lilies, jasmine, wisteria, lily of the valley, sweet peas, hyacinth, and sweet alyssum.

5. Aromatic Herb Garden

Herbs offer not only culinary or medicinal uses but also pleasantly powerful fragrances. Plant a custom herb garden in your backyard for easy access from the kitchen, or scatter several herbs throughout your vegetable or flower garden design.

Here are some of the best-scented herbs include: lavender, rosemary, mints, pineapple sage, thyme, and scented geraniums.

6. Scented Trees and Shrubs

Customize your garden design with fragrent trees and shrubs.

Fragrant shrubs to choose from: lilac, butterfly bush, honeysuckle, daphne, Korean spice bush, mock orange, sweet olive, gardenia, witch hazel and rose.

7. Best Locations for Fragrant Plants

It is important to consider where to place your fragrant plants in your garden design. Think about paths you walk or places you like to sit.

Customize your scented garden design with LandCraft in Minneapolis, MN

Learn more from the full article: https://www.backyardgardenlover.com/scented-garden-ideas/


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