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Creating Outdoor Privacy in the City

Create privacy in your backyard in the middle of the city

Customize and Design your Backyard Oasis with LandCraft #Minneapolis #BackyardPrivacy #Urbanscape #LandCraft

Add Fencing in your Backyard

By adding a beautiful fence design to your yard creates not only privacy but security. Customize your fence to your needs and wants based off your budget. LandCraft can give you fencing options based on size, location and design.

Finding peace of mind in your very own backyard

Customize your backyard garden with plants that can give you the height you need to feel like you can get lost in your very own backyard in the middle of the city. Attract butterflies and bees and enjoy the sunshine and summer flowers that Minnesota has to offer.

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We like to keep our footprint small and concentrate on urban landscape’s. Revitalizing the soils and introducing some native plants back into the urban setting. Raingardens and dry creek beds are one of our specialties, as well as reusing existing materials.


Landcraft is your local Minneapolis Urban Landscaping company that can work with your budget and give you options on how to give you the front yard you have been dreaming about.  Contact us to learn more about us and to get a quote on your next backyard project.

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