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Backyard Oasis for Winter Wildlife

Backyard Oasis for Winter Wildlife in Minneapolis, MN

We always dream of our backyard oasis in the summer, but why not also design your backyard oasis for winter too?

Connect with the winter season in a new way in your very own backyard oasis.  Enjoying the wintertime views out your window should be just as relaxing as the summertime views.

By enjoying experiences with nature,  design and customize your backyard oasis to your needs.

Bird Feeders

Adding bird feeders to your backyard oasis not only is good for the birds, but it is also a way for your to connect to nature in the wintertime.  It is pure enjoyment to see the animals come up and say hello!

Turn Table Scraps into Food

Have you ever thought of your table scraps — such as fruit and bread (but not white bread) — any seeds and unsalted nuts, particularly peanuts, are all great food sources for birds?

Add Water Source

Water fountains and ponds are beautiful in summertime and make sure they are designed to use all year around.  Fresh water is vital to keep animals alive during the winter months.

The vessel will need to be high up, that way rodents do not fall in. Make sure you check the water hasn’t iced over, something that’s especially important if you have a pond. Not only will that trap invertebrates and frogs inside, but it reduces oxygen for fish. You can place a small floating object, such as a ball, on the water surface to prevent it from completely freezing over. Never put boiling water over the ice, this could harm and even kill the fish living below. 

Don’t Prune Your Flowers

They may not look pretty, but leaving the dried heads of various flowers means that it’s easier for birds to forage seeds during the winter

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We like to keep our footprint small and concentrate on urban landscape’s. Revitalizing the soils and introducing some native plants back into the urban setting. Raingardens and dry creek beds are one of our specialties, as well as reusing existing materials.



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