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New Client Special

Spring is here in Minnesota and we are ready to start on your landscaping projects. New clients get a 10% off discount when they sign up for our Monthly Landscaping Maintenance Plan for 2019. LEAVE YOUR LANDSCAPE TO THE PROFESSIONALS AT LANDCRAFT CONTACT LANDCRAFT Landcraft is your local Minneapolis Urban Landscaping company that can work…

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Minnesota Springtime Q&A

Spring in Minnesota this year has had a ton of surprises and as we wait for the snow to melt, again, we cannot help but get excited to start planting! We found this article on Southwest Journal that inspired us to share with you! Read more: Annual Vines that will grow quickly: Morning Glories –…

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Now Hiring – Lead Gardener – Minneapolis, MN

We are now hiring a lead Gardener  in Minneapolis, MN Join the LandCraft Crew as a Lead Gardener in Minneapolis, MN LANDSCAPE CREW MEMBER Landcraft Landcraft is a referral based business relying on successful relationships to create exceptional urbanscape designs. We are a design build and garden maintenance company based in South Minneapolis. The majority…

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Does Ice Melt Affect Your Landscape?

How does Ice Melt Affect Your Landscape? After all this record breaking winter season in Minneapolis, MN, we cannot help but start to think about how it affects your landscape.  Are you using Ice Melt products on your outdoor walkways?  Have you ever thought about how it affects your lawn? The ice melt chemicals can take…

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Does the snow ruin your landscape?

Will the snow ruin your landscape? With all the snow Minnesota is getting, there are thoughts about how the snow is affecting your landscape design.  It is true that heavy and wet snow and ice does cause damage to broken branches, but the snow itself will not hurt landscape plants. The truth is, snow is actually a very good insulator against the below…

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Landscaping in Minnesota

What are the best plants for landscaping in Minnesota? When it comes to landscaping your yard in Minnesota, the options can seem limited when you know winter always comes and ruins all your hard work.  Knowing what plants fit your yard is not only complicated, it can also be limited depending on placement. Hydrangeas Roses…

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Protect Outdoor Plants in Minnesota Winters

Ever wonder about your outdoor plants in the wintertime in Minnesota? Minnesota is famous for it’s harsh weather in the winter and is the main reason your plants do not survive the winter season.  The wind, freezing temperatures, snow, ice and rain are main factors in the winter for causing damage to your home landscaping.…

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Plants that Survive Winter in Minnesota

Have you ever wondered what are the best plants for Minnesota Winters? Here is a quick list of plants that can survive during the hearty winters. Coneflower (Echinacea) Lily of the Valley Winterberries Blue Spruce Wintergreen Boxwood Catmint Pansies Coral Bells (Heuchera) Hostas Winterberries Primrose   Leave your landscape to the professionals at LandCraft CONTACT…

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Best of Minneapolis Landscaping Design – LandCraft

  Best of Minneapolis Landscaping Design – LandCraft As we arrive to another year, we look back at the best of Minneapolis Landscaping Design by LandCraft.  From small container planter designs to full dream landscape designs for your urbanscape, LandCraft can help you with all your landscaping design and maintenance needs. SERVICE YOU CAN COUNT…

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Frequently Asked Questions

LandCraft – Frequently Asked Questions What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)? Usually need to see the residence. What is your typical process for working with a new customer? If it is a straight forward small project that requires no design Landcraft can quote a price. If it is a project…

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